SixBlocks in Jip-and-Janneke-language: from no overview to proud.

By: Joost de Wit
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Published: 10-05-2023
You can write information on paper: a story, a calculation or a picture. When you store that information on a computer or phone, we call it a file. Sometimes there are several files with the same information, but with different words. That is confusing. Sometimes information is missing from the files, for example if the information is only in someone’s head. Consequence: you lose the overview. How can you solve this?



Organisations and people


Organisations do things for people and get money for them. There are various types of organisations: companies, agencies and healthcare institutions. Everything that organisations do for people is called services. People pay money to organisations for these services. This is how it works!

People join organisations in different ways. Here are a few examples:

  • Customers buy things from companies, such as a car.
  • Citizens walk down the street and feel safe; the police help.
  • Patients are made better in a hospital.

People can also work at an organisation. Then they are employees. The money that organisations earn is distributed to employees. These in turn use it to pay for services from other organisations. That way, people help each other. In the end, it’s all about people!


Danger of no overview


Some organisations get bigger and bigger. That means more customers, more employees and more files on computers. But if there is no overview in the organisation, it is difficult to help customers properly.

There are computer programmes on computers. With these, organisations can view and modify the information in the files. Computer programmes make mistakes if information in files is incorrect or information in files is missing. Then employees lose the overview. Result: dissatisfied customers.

It is also annoying for employees if there is no overview. Because they are expected to solve problems. Sometimes they do that in their own way. Other employees then don’t know what happened. They cannot help customers with their next question because they are missing information. Customers do not understand what is going on and react disappointedly. They sometimes switch to another organisation because they think they will be helped better there. Whether that actually happens remains to be seen.



Back to overview


SixBlocks helps organisations get the overview. So that also applies to your organisation. We do this by asking employees many questions, such as:

  • What would you really like to do for your customers right now?
  • What information is really very important right now?
  • What information is in your heads?

The employees gather this information and complete it. They make sure the information fits today’s situation. Of course, SixBlocks helps them do this. We continue until all the information is clear. The less important information is neatly put away in another folder. It is no longer in the way and your employees can find it quickly.

If there is still no overview for the employees, we go back to the previous step. Only when everything is correct and clear, we move on.


Even simpler: six-block overview


A small group of employees now sets to work to make everything even simpler. They will write down only the most important information in six blocks. SixBlocks explains to you how to do this easily. The six blocks create even more overview. New employees immediately understand what the six blocks mean this way. They can therefore help customers quickly. Each block has its own symbol, colour and meaning:


Only winners


You do everything yourself and help each other to become better. If something changes, you adjust the six cubes. This is fun to do. This works for all changes in an organisation. You actually play an exciting game with the six cubes. If you help each other fill in the six cubes well, everyone wins.

Happy customers


The customers are now very happy with your services. They compliment you and are willing to pay extra for more services. As a result, you get more and more customers. And you keep the overview. That is great!

You are proud of your customers and proud of your organisation. Finally, employees will be especially proud of themselves as people.


This is how SixBlocks works. Read how great people explain what SixBlocks is: durable and extreme simplification.

Reading about the six blocks is fun. But seeing the six blocks move in real life is more fun. Do you know what’s even more fun? When you get to play with the six blocks yourself. Then contact



This article is written by:

Joost de Wit
Architect in combining human creativity and AI for sustainable business transformation.