Durable and extreme simplification for your organisation.

By: Joost de Wit
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Published: 08-06-2023
Successful organisations want to grow, double turnover and increase customer satisfaction. But are employees, business processes and computer systems ready for this ambition? Are the computer systems up-to-date and flexible? Is all information structurally accessible or is knowledge mainly in heads? Chances are that business processes in these situations are unnecessarily complicated. Do you recognise this?
Imagine that your customer has a question about a product. And that you as an employee then have to navigate through five different computer systems to find the answer. That is not only frustrating for your customer, but also for you! So how can your organisation grow?



The explanation


There are more and more external changes affecting business processes. Think of the pension agreement, nitrogen reduction, the housing shortage, inflation and the reduction of CO2 emissions. Current computer systems cannot cope with the changed business processes.

Customers expect quick solutions. For this reason, organisations often opt for quick-fixes. However, this does not address the underlying cause. For employees, navigating the computer systems now becomes even more complicated. Your customer notices this immediately. And the next change is already around the corner. It’s like sticking plasters while an operation is needed.

Strong foundation


What would it be like if your organisation had a strong foundation to simplify business processes durably and extremely? And what would it be like if your computer systems were easily adaptable? How would that help you grow?

You can compare it to a successful football team. To shine, that team needs a strong foundation. From the roots it has to be right. A strong foundation is needed based on:

  1. a flexible style of playing
  2. creative practice material
  3. a professional power house

With this, the team is able to develop their skills and excel. Injuries, suspensions and other challenges the team faces along the way are overcome. Thus, they not only win the Champions League. They are also durabled long-term success.





SixBlocks has an innovative vision for durable and extreme simplification. The vision fits for all business processes. Its solid foundation consists of the cohesion of six blocks: processes, mutations, validations, calculation rules, tables and interfaces. The six blocks are the common thread in our approach and in our smart software platform.

Organisations are transforming to durable simplicity with SixBlocks. The same applies to your organisation. You work more transparently, effectively and efficiently as a result. That gives you a head start on tomorrow’s demand. Short-term quick-fixes are no longer an issue. You realise long-term value.


Connection, a powerful team


A group of employees within your organisation will be trained in our unique way of thinking, acting and working. They learn to complete the six blocks. They do so in a way that suits your organisation exactly. The result is inspiring for all other employees.

The other employees connect with the first group, join the approach and join the smart platform. Their feedback is incorporated into the solution. The organisation develops new skills. There is a powerful team that overcomes all changes and setbacks. It is the same as with a successful football team.



This is how you get motivated employees. They are able to solve all the changes themselves. Employees make the organisation grow. They are proud of where they work. And they are especially proud of themselves for always exceeding their own expectations. With SixBlocks, navigating different systems is a thing of the past. You have a grip on all business processes. Moreover, your customers fill in their own needs. The whole thing is “powered by SixBlocks”.


This is how durable and extreme simplification works with SixBlocks. Read how Jip and Janneke explain what SixBlocks is and how it works: from cluttered to proud. Want to see it for yourself or, better yet, experience it yourself? Then contact joost.de.wit@sixblockssolution.com.



This article is written by:

Joost de Wit
Visionary, thought leader and inspirator business rules architecture