Solutioncy Concept

Continuous innovation through connection and simplicity.

Human and technology

Our unique and revolutionary Solutioncy concept consists of a fusion of human creativity and technological innovation, both enhanced by AI. There is always a simple solution for every challenge, even the most complex.

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Collaboration and simplification

The Solutioncy Canvas stimulates human creativity, supported by AI. This promotes personal and organizational growth. This structurally results in empowerment, improved collaboration and increased employee satisfaction.

The Solutioncy Platform promotes technological innovation, driven by AI. This greatly simplifies business processes and systems. This results in significant time savings, significant cost savings and an improved customer experience.

Solutioncy creates a resilient organization, ready to grow in a constantly changing market.

SixBlocks solution

The name SixBlocks solution was not chosen lightly, but reflects the essence of our approach. With six crucial building blocks in both our Solutioncy Canvas and the Solutioncy Platform, this name is not only a label but also a promise.

Solutioncy Canvas

Within the Solutioncy Canvas, six crucial building blocks form the heart to stimulate collaboration: context, current situation, human need, tooling need, ideal situation, and follow-up.

Solutioncy Platform

Within the Solutioncy Platform, six crucial building blocks form the heart of simplifying business processes: tables, interfaces, validations, calculation rules, processes and mutations.

A solution for every challenge.

Each Solutioncy building block has its own color, shape, icon and meaning.

Due to the flexibility of the building blocks together, there is always a suitable solution for every challenge. This is illustrated by the SixBlocks motion mark below.

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