Solutioncy Academy

Continuous innovation through connection and simplicity.

Solutioncy Inspirators

Our Academy trains key people within your organisation to become Solutioncy Inspirers. They facilitate all other employees to grow and connect.

Want to become a Solutioncy Inspirator?

Facilitate the journey to human creativity and technological innovation in every organisation.

Learning goals

Solutioncy Inspirators are trained and certified in core skills such as communication, leadership and positive confrontation. An experienced Inspirator grows to accurately map, connect and greatly simplify business processes. Not only for themselves, but especially for all employees within their own organisation.

In our Solutioncy Academy, Solutioncy Inspirators learn how to:

  1. Build an environment of psychological safety.
  2. Facilitate an environment of flexibility in change.
  3. Create an environment of accountability.

Growing together, innovating together

Discover the benefits of growing together in the Solutioncy Community.