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Continuous innovation through connection and simplicity.


Basically, all employees in organisations always have the best intentions and good intentions. Yet work processes are often inefficient, leading to errors and miscommunication. This is at the expense of employee satisfaction and operating results.

Our Solutioncy concept tackles this challenge. On the Solutioncy Canvas, with six blocks at its core, bottlenecks and solution directions are visualised. This creates connection and consensus within the entire organisation. With AI support, a concrete action plan emerges from the completed Solutioncy Canvas.

This resolves inefficiencies and meets employee needs.

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Professioneel team werkt samen aan een business case met behulp van het Solutioncy Platform op een computer, in een kantooromgeving met de Solutioncy Canvas zichtbaar op de achtergrond.


In addition to ineffective work processes, organisations have to deal with software systems that are difficult to adapt. While changes follow each other faster and faster.

Our AI-driven Solutioncy Platform, with six blocks at its core, ensures seamless integration between existing software systems. This makes business operations efficient and work processes easy to adapt.



The connection of the Solutioncy Canvas plus the simplicity of the Solutioncy Platform ensure continuous innovation, efficiency and optimisation of the operating result. The Solutioncy concept encourages personal growth of employees towards leadership in innovation.

Solutioncy Canvas

Solutioncy Platform

Innovation, connection and simplicity

Discover the philosophy behind the Solutioncy concept for innovation through connection and simplicity.