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Continuous innovation through connection and simplicity.

Growing together, innovating together.

Solutioncy Inspirers from various organisations meet in our Community. Here they share experiences, insights and successes.

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Discover the journey to human creativity and technological innovation in your organisation.

Solutioncy Inspirators

At the heart of our Community are the Inspirators. They are the driving force behind the use of the Solutioncy Canvas and Platform. Their mission: to promote self-management, cooperation and ownership within organisations.

From complexity to simplicity

Our members freely share knowledge and encourage each other to grow. Solutioncy Inspirators enhance engagement, creativity and innovation within their teams. Together, we transform complex challenges into simple and effective solutions.

All of this, to fulfil our collective ambitions: sustainable simplification of business processes, with human interaction at the centre.

What exactly is Solutioncy?

Find out exactly what the Solutioncy Canvas and the Solutioncy Platform are.