The essence of SixBlocks: people-centric, innovation and technology in six key points.

Door: Joost de Wit
Gepubliceerd: 05-01-2024
In an era of increasing technological complexity, SixBlocks introduces an innovative approach: simplicity and innovation powered by AI. This platform focuses on radically simplifying business processes. But what underpins SixBlocks’ unique value? We explore the foundations of this intelligent AI platform through six crucial questions, answered by Arvind Jagesser, CEO of technology partner Milvum.





SixBlocks aims to exceed expectations by simplifying business processes in a sustainable and radical way. With a strong focus on a people- and customer-centric ecosystem, SixBlocks emphasises the importance of simplicity and overview, enhanced by AI technology. Arvind Jagesser praises this approach, which breaks away from the complexity of traditional ICT landscapes, resulting in greater customer and employee satisfaction.


Robustness and safety


SixBlocks relies on Microsoft Azure for a solid and secure technology foundation, with guarantees of high availability, security and GDPR compliance. Azure’s advanced security features, along with independent security testing, ensure a trustworthy environment.

To deliver on the promise of speed and scalability, SixBlocks uses Kubernetes and Docker. These technologies provide the flexibility and robustness necessary to manage large numbers of users and transactions, while ensuring uptime and responsiveness.



Data management


With SQL Server, SixBlocks provides advanced version control and bitemporal data support, essential for transparent data management and platform success.



Back-end technology


.NET, supported by Microsoft, is central to back-end development, with security, scalability and maintainability guaranteed by continuous updates.



Front-end innovation


React and React Native form the basis for an intuitive user experience, in line with the SixBlocks vision of usability, where users shape their own services.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)


SixBlocks leverages modern AI technology to achieve more than 80% predictability in version control and business processes. This AI stimulates human creativity by taking over repetitive analysis, creating more space for innovation and developing new ideas. This strengthens the synergy between AI and human creativity, leading to more efficient and inventive business solutions.

A short and powerful overview of the AI technologies to be applied:





SixBlocks’ technology strategies emphasise its mission to simplify business processes and exceed expectations. With a focus on collaboration, innovation (AI) and customer satisfaction, SixBlocks is positioned to make a revolutionary impact on the market. For further information or technical insights, please feel free to contact



This article is written by:

Arvind Jagesser
Chief Executive Officer (Milvum)
Joost de Wit
Architect in combining human creativity and AI for sustainable business transformation.