The revolution of AI in organisational development: Solutioncy!

By: Joost de Wit
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Published: 28-06-2024
A diverse and cheerful team of six people stand side by side and smile at the camera. They are holding a large white board with their brand's core values: 'Solutioncy' at the top with a puzzle piece icon, flanked by the words 'Simplicity' with a hand icon and 'Empowerment' with a spinning arrow icon. Below the values is the logo of 'SixBlocks solution'. The team exudes a sense of cooperation and positive energy, standing in front of a wooden background that radiates warmth and naturalness.
In today’s dynamic world of organisational development, AI is essential for competitive advantage. AI optimises organisations, increases employee satisfaction and streamlines work processes. But how do you apply AI to your specific challenges? That’s where Solutioncy comes in.





Solutioncy simplifies complex problems and connects solutions. It provides simple, effective answers for continuous improvement and growth. Systematic simplification and integration create clear, actionable solutions that facilitate innovation. This applies to people, systems and processes. With AI, Solutioncy is strengthened, making it widely applicable across the organisation.

Het logo bestaat uit de letters 'AI', wat staat voor kunstmatige intelligentie voor het Solutioncy Canvas en het Solutioncy Platform van SixBlocks, in grote, vetgedrukte, zilverkleurige letters. Aan de rechterkant van de letters is een gestileerde weergave van een menselijk brein, waarvan de helft bestaat uit hersenplooien en de andere helft uit digitale circuits die de integratie van menselijke intelligentie en digitale technologie symboliseren. Het ontwerp zet aan tot denken over de fusie van menselijke cognitie en geavanceerde technologieën in het veld van AI.

Let’s look at some of the key benefits and usages of Solutioncy, plus AI, in organisational development:

1. Efficient operations: With streamlined processes, Solutioncy improves operational efficiency and reduces waste.

2. Easily adaptable work processes: Solutioncy makes work processes easily adaptable to changing circumstances.

3. Agility: Organisations react faster to market changes and seize new opportunities thanks to increased agility.

4. Leadership: By bringing clarity and simplicity to processes, Solutioncy supports strong and effective leadership.

5. Ownership: Employees feel more involved and responsible for their work, leading to better performance.

6. Creativity: By reducing complexity, Solutioncy encourages a creative working environment where innovative ideas flourish.


These benefits in turn increase employee satisfaction, significant cost savings and improve customer satisfaction.


Professional team works together on a business case using the Solutioncy Platform on a computer, in an office environment with the Solutioncy Canvas visible in the background.


The 4 steps to optimise your organisation with Solutioncy.


1. Solutioncy Canvas session


Together with your team, identify key bottlenecks and solution directions on the Solutioncy Canvas. Using AI, you will work these out concretely to solve inefficiencies and increase employee demand. In a concluding presentation to management, the expected Return on Investment (ROI), in dollars/euros/pounds and in employee satisfaction, is explained in concrete terms.


2. Solutioncy Canvas C-level


Involve senior management in the organisation-wide impact of Solutioncy. Discuss how the expected ROI from step 1 can be integrated across the organisation. This provides strategic ROI insights for continuous innovation through connection and simplicity.



3. Solutioncy Academy


Follow a training course to train and certify Solutioncy Inspirers in your organisation. Learn how to apply the Solutioncy concept effectively in your organisation yourself. In doing so, you no longer depend on expensive external experts; you simply do it yourself.


4. Solutioncy Community


You will have access to a complete set of tools, including the various physical Solutioncy Canvas plates and the very powerfully trained online Open-AI Solutioncy model. By being part of an active community working together, you continuously implement improvements. In addition, you use the, continuously evolving, Solutioncy tools to constantly monitor and optimise processes.


Follow these steps to effectively deploy Solutioncy for your organisation. Want to know how Solutioncy can transform your business? Contact us now for a talk without any obligation; we would love to help you further.



This article is written by:

Joost de Wit
Architect in combining human creativity and AI for sustainable business transformation.