SixBlocks and Milvum join forces to simplify business processes in a sustainable way

Door: Joost de Wit
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Gepubliceerd: 18-06-2022
SixBlocks solution has chosen Milvum as its technology partner to realise the platform that supports its mission: the sustainable and extreme simplification of business processes. Realising cool technological solutions that have a big market impact with “innovation by doing” as the motto, that is what Milvum stands for. The mutually complementary core values have been decisive for the definitive start of the cooperation.



Shared mission

The choice for Milvum is actually quite logical. SixBlocks already knew Milvum from the past and after the scalable business model plus the complete design for the future SixBlocks platform had been worked out, the contact was picked up again. Together with Milvum’s management, project leaders and front and back-end developers, an intensive process was completed to check whether there really was a match. Milvum’s technology expertise and academic background match the vision and seniority of SIxBlocks very well.

During the evaluation of this project, Joost de Wit (founder SixBlocks) and Arvind Jagesser (CEO Milvum) quickly agreed that cooperation was the only correct and logical conclusion.

From SixBlocks’ point of view it is important that Milvum is pro-actively open to change. In the intensive brainstorm sessions SixBlocks shared its strategic, disruptive and innovative vision. The way in which technology is developed will change significantly. Milvum has been open to this from the start and is flexible enough to adapt where necessary so that the way of working matches the vision of SixBlocks.

Even more, Milvum thinks along proactively to evolve the technology development into a market-strategic philosophy for the sustainable and extreme simplification of business processes. Milvum has experience with the most modern, scalable and robust technologies including the best digital security and privacy protocols. All new technological developments are closely monitored so that, where necessary and relevant, there is a continuous response.



From Milvum’s point of view, it is of strategic importance to work with SixBlocks. The ambitious goal of SixBlocks appeals to Milvum. By thinking big and starting with a small specialist team, we will grow together. The problem that the SixBlocks platform will solve is very recognisable to Milvum. Almost everywhere there is a complex ICT landscape, inflexible systems and fragmented knowledge. The integrated approach with the holistic SixBlocks platform is the way to solve this problem, achieving the following:

                1. integral change management
                2. for all business processes
                3. with a connecting organisation



Finally, the personal click between the people of SixBlocks and Milvum has proven to be present, so that “fun” will also be an important aspect of the cooperation.



Together, SixBlocks and Milvum create a sustainable ecosystem around business processes. The content specialists in a market segment become the inspirators in their own sector. With the SixBlocks platform, they use their own creativity and grow continuously, both individually and collectively as an organisation. Our aim is for organisations to be proud of their own contribution to deliver significant value in the market. That is why the peacock is proudly displayed among our core values. The ultimate goal is that individual employees and collective organisations use the SixBlocks platform to exceed their own expectations. In this way, they create a connecting organisation around their own business processes and services to the market.

If you would like to know more about the cooperation between SixBlocks solution and Milvum please contact Arvind or with Joost.



This article is written by:

Arvind Jagesser
Chief Executive Officer (Milvum)
Joost de Wit
Architect in combining human creativity and AI for sustainable business transformation.