Do you also feel the pressure of too complex systems and organisations?

By: Joost de Wit
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Published: 13-02-2024
You have probably experienced it yourself: you are in the middle of a project and you feel the pressure mounting. The systems you are working with look more like a labyrinth than the streamlined tools they should be. It’s like sprinting with your shoe laces tied. Recognisable?



The battle with unmanageable systems

Let’s be honest. Our workplaces are often a battlefield of complex IT systems. You are not alone if you feel bogged down in your organisation’s digital wilderness. It’s a problem we all know: systems not talking to each other, data stuck in one department while another desperately searches for it.


A labyrinth of fragmentation

Not to mention the fragmentation within teams. Departments work alongside each other, as if they speak different languages. Each department has its own goals, its own systems. The result? Duplicated work, frustration, and ultimately, customers bearing the brunt of our internal chaos.

Key players in the shadows

On top of that comes the dependence on key people. We all lean on those few colleagues who know exactly how things work. But what happens when they are on holiday, or worse, leave the company? Then it stops. Then we stand there, with our hands in our pockets.



The question we need to ask ourselves

We see the above problems everywhere, regardless of the size of the organisation or the sector in which they operate. There is a universal feeling of entanglement in a net of digital confusion, in which people sometimes feel more lost than found. We recognise and understand the associated frustrating feeling. We are also convinced that the above problem can only be solved with a fundamental and integrated approach.

So ask yourself: how much time, money and energy is this complexity really costing us? And is this the way we want our organisation to function?

Organisations, and therefore you too, are at a point where they have to choose: do we continue to struggle with the spaghetti of systems and silos within our organisation? Or is it time to be open to a way to simplify it all from the source, to really function as a unit?


What if there was a way?

Imagine a world where the tangle of complex systems is no longer a drag on your potential. In this age of AI, we are on the threshold of a revolution in business efficiency. Artificial intelligence is the key that helps us not only navigate through chaos, but transform it into a symphony of streamlined processes and organisations.

AI promises a future where fragmentation is a thing of the past. An intelligent system that learns, advises and adapts itself, making departments work together seamlessly. It’s like having a translator who speaks every departmental language and connects them into a common dialect of success and growth.



The beginning of change

The era of AI has not only arrived, it is the new reality in which we are facing today’s challenges. As a SixBlocks solution, we have embraced this opportunity with both hands and are determined to lead the transition. AI is no longer a distant promise. It is our current ally, our tool working every day to extremely simplify complexity in organisations.

Our journey with AI is evidence of commitment to change and improvement. We are taking serious steps to integrate this advanced technology. We are not only streamlining processes, but more importantly, making people stronger. More creative, full of their power.

We are the living example that when people and machines work together, a new horizon of possibilities opens up. Join our movement, contact us at and experience how AI is transforming the way we work.



This article is written by:

Joost de Wit
Architect of transformations through AI-driven innovation.