Hans Visser commits to SixBlocks solution as CEEO

By: Joost de Wit
Published: 19-10-2022
Hans Visser commits to SixBlocks solution to fulfil its mission together: the sustainable and extreme simplification of business processes. And actually even more to fulfil the vision that SixBlocks solution believes in a world where people can really do their work, with pleasure and pride, instead of being busy with red tape. Too often, systems and processes take the lead and employees have to follow. We believe in employees taking the lead and systems and processes following them. In this way, employees exceed their own expectations and make the unbelievable come true. This is what Hans Visser believes in and stands for. Hence, his role will be CEEO: Chief Exceed Expectations Officer.


The click

The connection between SixBlocks solution and Hans Visser is actually very logical. SixBlocks solution and Hans already knew each other from the past. Hans is commercial and has a lot of experience as an executive at financial institutions and has worked at the top insurers in the Netherlands. That fits very well with the years of experience and entrepreneurship in the HR, accountancy and pension market that is present as a foundation at the start of SixBlocks solution. After our business model plus mission, vision and core values were worked out and the fact that Hans was looking for something new that really suited him, contact was resumed.



Together, an intensive process was undertaken to explore whether the mutual complementarity is actually there. Well, there absolutely is and more than that. There is also a click in terms of leadership and coaching/mentoring people. We arrived at the right storytelling around the positioning and proposition of SixBlocks solution that everyone felt comfortable with. In the final evaluation of the exploration, Hans Visser, Jan-Willem Bozuwa, Erwin Vogelzang and Joost de Wit quickly agreed that cooperation was the only correct and logical conclusion.


Our storytelling

Our target group is broad, covering all medium-sized, large and corporate organisations in need of realising their strategic ambitions. We will focus on the pension market, among other things. There is a lot going on there with regard to the Future Pension Act and moreover, both Hans and Joost have a lot of experience in this market segment.

Our storytelling is based on the complexity of today’s ICT landscape with inflexible systems and a fragmentation of knowledge. We see this in almost all medium-sized, large and corporate organisations; not only in business, but also in government and healthcare. Systems are leading instead of creativity among employees and customer service. The structural staff shortage is also a major challenge in all industries. All these aspects together make it very challenging for organisations to realise their strategic ambitions within the stipulated time.



Our promise is that with the smart platform of SixBlocks solution, (top) management creates an inspiring customer-focused organisation. Employees are given the responsibility and freedom to use their creativity for the benefit of the customer. As a result, they are positively surprised by the incredible and sustainable results.

In addition to an inspiring customer-focused organisation, we promise that the organisation will achieve significant cost-benefit improvements with the SixBlocks solution platform. We quantify these improvements in a business case to be worked out jointly with our client. The benefits for our customers can be divided into additional revenues, cost savings, time savings and a solution to staff shortage and dependency.

The additional revenues are based, for example, on an optimally functioning organisation and on solving new customer needs in the market. The cost savings are caused by, among other things, eliminating the need for work-arounds, making operation in the organisation much more efficient, minimising the hiring of external staff, simplifying internal/external audits as well as the maintenance of current systems. The time savings are mainly based on a much faster time-to-market for new requirements, opportunities and wishes. On top of the sum of these additional revenues, cost savings and time savings, SixBlocks solution also creates a structural and sustainable solution for staff shortages and personnel dependency.



Hans will become CEEO (= Chief Exceed Expectations Officer) of SixBlocks solution, in addition to his other duties. The focus is on the employees and customers so that they are proud of themselves, their work, the mutual cooperation in the organisation and the un-be-liev-a-ble results achieved. Joost remains as Founder responsible for vision development, concept monitoring and transferability. Together, we will work on the market approach and setting up the organisation.

Read Hans’ intrinsic motivation for committing to SixBlocks solution here. If you want to know more about the why, how and what of the collaboration between SixBlocks solution and Hans Visser please feel free to contact us. In that case, email your question to hans.visser@sixblockssolution.com or to joost.de.wit@sixblockssolution.com.



This article is written by:

Joost de Wit
Visionary, thought leader and inspirator business rules architecture